Employee Benefits Management Services

From: Duval County Public Schools(School)

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started - 09 Sep, 2021 (about 2 years ago)

Start Date

09 Sep, 2021 (about 2 years ago)
due - 31 Dec, 2026 (in about 2 years)

Due Date

31 Dec, 2026 (in about 2 years)
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Bid Notification


Duval County Public Schools

Customer / Agency

Duval County Public Schools
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Dr. Diana L. Greene, Superintendent of Schools EVERY SCHOOL. EVERY CLASSROOM. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY. Duval County Public Schools www.duvalschools.org Purchasing Services PH: (904) 858-4848 1701 Prudential Drive, Suite 322 FAX: (904)858-4868 Jacksonville, FL 32207 Revised October 25, 2021 FBMC Benefits Management, Inc. Attn: Chief Regulatory Officer 3101 Sessions Road, Suite 200 Tallahassee, Florida 32303 RE: RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services On Tuesday, July 20, 2021, the School Board of Duval County Public Schools approved the award of RFP No. 17-21/TW, Employee Benefits Management Services. The Board action authorized the contract for the period of October 1, 2021 through December 31, 2026. In accordance with Section 16 of the contract, Insurance Requirements, please forward an updated copy of your insurance certificate. If you have any questions about this renewal, please contact
Terr.\n\nWe look forward to a continued successful partnership.\n\nTevience Wright, Director\nDCPS Purchasing Services\n\ncc Master Bid File\n\nDr. Diana L. Greene, Superintendent of Schools\nEVERY SCHOOL. EVERY CLASSROOM. EVERY STUDENT. EVERY DAY.\n" "AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL COUNTY, FLORIDA,\nAND FBMC BENEFITS MANAGEMENT, INC, A FLORIDA CORPORATION\n\nThe following constitutes a binding \u201cAgreement\u201d effective upon the last date of signature\nbetween FBMC Benefits Management, Inc., a Florida corporation (hereinafter referred to asthe\n\u201cContractor\u201d) whose principal place of business is 3101 Sessions Road, Tallahassee, Florida\n32303 and The School Board of Duval County, Florida, 1701 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville,\nFlorida 32207, (hereinafter referred to as the \u201cDistrict\u201d).\n\nWITNESSETH:\n\nWHEREAS, The District issued RFP No. 17-21/TW dated February 26, 2021 relating to the\nDistrict\u2019s solicitation of Employee Benefits Management Services (the \u201cServices\u201d) together with\nAddendum No. ] dated March 19, 2021 (collectively, the \u201cRFP\u201d), acopy of which RFP is\nattached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference as Exhibit A;\n\nWHEREAS, after free and open competition, Contractor submitted a proposal (attached hereto\nand incorporated herein by this reference as Exhibit B), and was selected as the best responsive\nand responsible Contractor by the District (the \u201cProposal\u201d);\n\nWHEREAS, as set forth in Rule 6A-1.012(12)(c), F.A.C., the District has determined it is in the\nDistrict\u2019s best interest to negotiate with Contractor on the best terms and conditions in lieu ofthe\nDistrict\u2019s resoliciting proposals, and the District therefore selected the Contractor to perform the\nServices;\n\nWHEREAS, the Contractor is interested in and capable of performing the desired Services for\nthe District and the District desires to have the Contractor perform the Services; and\n\nWHEREAS, the parties have reached an agreement on the Services to be performed and the\npayment for the same, and the parties acknowledge that pursuant to Rule 6A-1.012(15), F.A.C..,\nthe parties were authorized to directly negotiate the Services because Contractor will serve as a\nthird-party administrator and therefore wish to set forth this understanding in writing in this\nAgreement.\n\nNOW, THEREFORE, in consideration ofthe mutual covenants and conditions contained\nherein, the parties agree as follows:\n\nARTICLE I\nSCOPE OF SERVICES\n\n1.1 The Contractor shall fully and timely provide to the District the Services set forth in the\nRFP and this Agreement. The contract documents consist of this Agreement, the RFP\n(including the Addenda), and the Proposal. In the event of any conflict or ambiguity\namong these documents, the priority set forth in section 13.7.16 ofthe RFP shall be\nassigned.\n\nPage lof4\n" "ARTICLE U\nCOMMENCEMENT AND RENEWAL\n\n2.1 See section 2.5 ofthe RFP with the initial as of the effective date set forth above, and\nrenewal terms.\n\n2.2 The Services shall commence according to the schedule set forth in the RFP, if any, and\nunless the District notifies the Contractor otherwise in writing.\n\nARTICLE Ill\nCOMPENSATION\n\n3.1 The compensation is as set forth in the RFP and the proposal.\n\n3.2 The maximum obligated amount under this Agreement payable by the District is $0.00 as\nset forth in section 2.1 ofthe RFP. In no event shall the District be responsible to the Contractor\nfor compensation in excess of the maximum obligated amounts stated in this Agreement except\n\nas increased by formal approved and executed supplemental agreement(s).\n\nARTICLE IV\nTERMINATION\n\nThis agreement may be terminated as set forth in the RFP.\n\nARTICLE V\nCOMMUNICATIONS; RECORDS; NOTICES\n\n5.1 The parties agree that all communications relating to day to day activities shall be\nexchanged between respective representatives ofthe District and the Contractor, which\nrepresentatives shall be designated by the parties, in writing, promptly upon commencement of\nthe Services.\n\n5.2 The Contractor shall provide records and information and fully cooperate\n(notwithstanding any Contractor claims of trade secrets, proprietary or confidential information)\nwith the District as to all matters pertaining to all legal, audit, administration, and compliance\nrequirements relating to the Services and the contract documents.\n\n5.3 Until changed by written notice, all formal notices and communications shall be addressed\nas follows, and sent via certified mail (return receipt requested) or overnight delivery:\n\nIf to the District: Duval County Public Schools\nAttn: Superintendent\n\n1701 Prudential Drive\nJacksonville, Florida 32207\n\nWith Copy to: Duval County Public Schools\n\nPage 2 of4\n" "Attn: Employee Benefits Director\n1701 Prudential Drive\nJacksonville, Florida 32207\n\nIfto the Contractor FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.\nAttn: Chief Regulatory Officer\n3101 Sessions Road, Suite 200\nTallahassee, Florida 32303\n\nARTICLE VI\nPERSONNEL\n\n6.1 The Contractor represents and warrants that its performance of the Services shall be rendered\nwith promptness and diligence and shall be executed in accordance with the practices and high\nprofessional standards used in a well-managed operation performing services similar to the\nServices. The Contractor represents and warrants it will use an adequate number of qualified\nindividuals with suitable training, education, experience, and skill necessary to perform the\nServices in an efficient and cost-effective manner.\n\n6.2 The Contractor agrees and represents that all of the Services required hereunder shall be\nperformed by the Contractor as identified in the Proposal.\n\n6.3 Allthe personnel assigned by the Contractor and any subcontractor shall be authorized under\nstate and local laws to perform such Services, whether by appropriate license, registration,\ncertification or other authorization.\n\nARTICLE VII\nMISCELLANEOUS\n\n7.1 Failure by either party to insist upon strict performance of any ofthe provisions hereof or\nfailure or delay by either party in exercising any rights or remedies provided herein or by laws,\nthe Districts payment in whole or in part for services hereunder or any purported oral\nmodification or rescission of this Agreement by an employee or agent of either party shall not\nrelease either party of any of its obligations hereunder, shall not be deemed a waiver of the rights\nof either party to insist upon strict performance hereof or of any of either party\u2019s rights or\nremedies under this Agreement or by law and shall not operate as a waiver of any ofthe\nprovisions hereof. A waiver by either ofthe Parties of any ofthe covenants to be performed by\nthe other or any breach thereof shall not be construed to be a waiver or any succeeding breach\nthereof or of any other covenant in this Agreement. Except as otherwise expressly provided in\nthis Agreement, all remedies provided for in this Agreement shall be cumulative and in addition\nto and not in lieu of any other remedies available to either party at law, in equity or otherwise.\n\n7.2 The Article and Section headings are for reference and convenience only and shall not\nenter into interpretation hereof.\n\nPage3 of4\n" "7.3 All of Contractor\u2019s exceptions to the RFP set forth in its Proposal, if any, are stricken in\ntheir entirety and void except as may be specifically addressed in this Agreement.\n\n74 This Agreement may be executed via email and in one or more counterparts, each of\nwhich will be deemed an original, but all such emails and counterparts will together constitute\nbut one and the same instrument.\n\nIN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have duly executed this Agreement as of the date first\nabove written.\n\nCONTRACTOR: FBMC Benefits Management, Inc.\n\nAIZ 2.\nBy: _ Ver\n\nName: RHtnide Fliemm 'ng\n\nTitle: (hie\u00a3 Begulstey Offiter\n\nExecution Date: July 20 + Lo\n\nAttest: News bon J THE SCHOOL BOARD OF DUVAL\n\nCOUNTY, FLORIDA\n\nBy:\n\ntr. Diana Greend\nSuperintendent of Schools and\nEx-Officio Secretary to the Board\n\nForm Apprgved:\n\nBy:\nOffice of General Counsel\n\nPage 4 of4\n"

1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207Location

Address: 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, FL 32207

Country : United StatesState : Florida

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