003 - Maintenance Services for Distributor Trucks

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From: Maricopa(County)

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started - 04 Mar, 2021 (about 2 years ago)

Start Date

04 Mar, 2021 (about 2 years ago)
due - 18 Mar, 2021 (about 2 years ago)

Due Date

18 Mar, 2021 (about 2 years ago)
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Bid Notification


Maricopa County

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Maricopa County
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Bid #2203-003 - Maintenance Services for Distributor Trucks

Bid contact:Please log in to view Bid contact informationIssuing agency:Maricopa County, AZSee other Bids by this agencyIssuing department:D640 - TRANSPORTATION See other Bids by this departmentBid Comments:


Quotes: The Department of Transportation intends to keep Roadway equipment
operable a routine maintenance cleaning is needed weekly and a deep
clean every 3 months. MCDOT is looking to award contract(s) to preform
routine maintenance cleanings on our equipment.

Equipment List:
Two (2) distributor spreader  trucks which are used to apply
emulsified asphalt oil  such as Optipave and TRMSS Tire Rubber
Modified Surface Seal.
One (1) distributor spreader which is used for applying  dust
palliative products such as  soil tac, military grade, gorilla snot
and acrylic copolymer.
These are the truck components that need to be cleaned.
External tank
Rear tank rubber line hoses
Metal spray bar/nozzle
Metal tubing  material loading lines
Plastic parts such as rear lights
cleaning service is to have all emulsified oil removed from spreader
truck tank components.
cleaners should be environmental friendly.

Vendor Bids must be submitted through

PeriscopeS2G only. Vendors must view or download all attached forms prior to
submitting bids.

MOUNTAIN STANDARD TIME: Times listed for pre-bid meetings, Q and A, and Bid Close are in
Mountain Standard Time.

Award is made at the sole discretion of the solicitation issuing
Department.  Maricopa County reserves the right to award in full or
in part to a single vendor or multiple vendors.

All questions must be submitted through

PeriscopeS2G ONLY by the date and time listed in the bid.

  Classification codes: View classification codesContract duration:365 daysContract renewal:2 annual renewalsPrices good for:30 daysEstimated Amount:$15,000.00Regions:Arizona, Maricopa

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Maricopa County, AZ, 85002Location

Address: Maricopa County, AZ, 85002

Country : United StatesState : Arizona

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