Fireline and Mobile Equipment Opportunities

From: Alberta(State)

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started - 20 Mar, 2023 (8 months ago)

Start Date

20 Mar, 2023 (8 months ago)
due - 31 Oct, 2025 (in 23 months)

Due Date

31 Oct, 2025 (in 23 months)
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Bid Notification


Forestry Division

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Forestry Division
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Organization:Forestry DivisionOrganization Address:Reference Number:AB-2023-02377Solicitation Number: 24PQR001Solicitation Type:Request for Pre-QualificationPosting (MM/dd/yyyy):03/20/2023 04:41:39 PM Alberta TimeClosing (MM/dd/yyyy):10/31/2025 02:00:59 PM Alberta TimeLast Update (MM/dd/yyyy):03/24/2023 02:57:31 PM Alberta TimeAgreement Type:NWPTA/TILMA & CFTA & CETA & TCA & CPTPP & WTO GPARegion of Opportunity:OpenRegion of Delivery:AlbertaOpportunity Type:Open & CompetitiveCommodity Codes:F010B: Forestry Services, Not Elsewhere Specified WR4210: FIREFIGHTING EQUIPMENT - RENTAL V401CB: Bus, Shuttle Services F001B: Fire Prevention - Forestry 5181A: Construction Equipment Rental, with Operator WR3805: EARTHMOVING AND EXCAVATING EQUIPMENT - RENTAL Opportunity Description :- Opportunity Description:Are you a Contractor interested in working with Alberta Forestry, Parks and Tourism wildfire operations for the 2023 fire season? Agreements for Fireline and Mobile Equipment are now available
for the upcoming wildfire season. The Forestry Division, which is responsible for wildfire presuppression and suppression efforts in the Forest Protection Area (FPA) of Alberta, requires Contractors to provide a variety of Fireline Equipment and Mobile Equipment with operators to assist with said efforts. Fireline Equipment such as bull dozers, excavators, water trucks, and all-terrain vehicles are used on wildfires in activities such as the construction of fire guard, helipads, and reclamation. Mobile Equipment such as tractor/trailers, vans, and hotshots are used to transport firefighters and Fireline Equipment. There is no guarantee of work under the terms and conditions of the Fireline and Mobile Equipment Agreement, and Contractors are placed on a call rotation list within their Forest Area. Contactors must supply competent operators for each piece of Equipment stated in Schedule “C” – Equipment List, and ensure they are equipped will the appropriate personal safety equipment. Equipment shall be well maintained and in good working order prior to services commencing., To qualify for an Agreement, Contractors must provide evidence of a valid Certificate of Recognition (COR) or Small Employer Certificate of Recognition (SECOR), as well as a certificate of insurance (Schedule “E”) satisfying the requirements of the Agreement. or equivalent certifying program recognized by the Alberta Workplace Health and Safety Partnerships Program. Payment of Equipment is based on the Alberta Roadbuilders & Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA), Equipment Rental Rates Guide. For Equipment not described in the ARHCA, the Alberta Wildfire Payment Regulation will apply.

9820 107 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 1E7, CanadaLocation

Address: 9820 107 St NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 1E7, Canada

Country : CanadaState : Alberta

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