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started - 19 Jul, 2018 (about 5 years ago)

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19 Jul, 2018 (about 5 years ago)
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25 Jul, 2018 (about 5 years ago)
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Page 1 of 16This is a sources sought for the BT VAMC to determine the availability of potential sources (and their size classification relative to NAICS 561612 having the skills and capabilities necessary to provide Guard Services in accordance with the attached SOW. All interested vendors are invited to provide information to contribute to this market survey/sources sought including, commercial market information. This is not a solicitation announcement. No award will be made from this sources sought. Requested information should be submitted by email to vanessa.jacobs@va.gov by 12:00pm EST July 25th 2018. Provide only the requested information below.REQUESTED INFORMATION STATEMENT OF CABABILITY: Submit a brief [ Five (5) pages or less] capability statement explaining your capability to perform services for the DC VAMC. Include past experience in performing these services for the VA, other Government (Federal or State) agency, or for a
private medical facility. . BUSINESS SIZE AND SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS: (a) Indicate whether your business is large or small (b) If small, indicate if your firm your firm is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) or Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) (c) Include the DUNS number of your firm. (d) Provide your firms FSS or GSA Contract number if applicable.STATEMENT OF WORK1. Scope of Work The contractor shall provide management, supervision, personnel, back-up, staff replacement staffing, equipment and supplies (except those items of equipment and supplies identified as provided by the Government) necessary to provide unarmed, uniformed guard services as described herein. As a Non-Personal Services contract, these personnel are not to be considered VA Employees for any purpose. Contractor retains all control over personnel and responsibility for direct supervision. Contract personnel may not supervise VA Staff, but may provide direction and instruction as required by duties. Daily activity is monitored and managed by the Contracting Officer s Technical Representative (COR) or VA Police Chief and/or designated alternate. 2. BackgroundThe Department of Justice has determined that premises leased by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for medical clinics are under the law enforcement jurisdiction of VA as that phrase is used in 38 U.S.C. Section 218. This determination rests upon the provision that VA is the leaseholder of the space coupled with possession and control of the space. Security and Law Enforcement Circular Letter 07-91-1 authorizes security services obtained by contract when VA police officer positions are unavailable. Contract security guards utilized by VA leased outpatient clinics shall exercise any local law enforcement authority vested in them within the limits of their licensing or special police commissioning by the State in which the clinic is located. This exercise of local law enforcement authority does not include authorization to bear firearms in VA leased space.3. Unarmed Guard Coverage Required. VA Maryland Health Care System (VAMHCS)3.1 (2) Security Guards -1701 Market Street, Unit 211, Pocomoke City, Maryland 218511 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm (2) Security Guards - 830 Chesapeake Drive, Cambridge, Maryland 216131 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm(2) Security Guards - 808 Landmark Drive, Suite 128 Glen Burnie, Maryland 210611 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm(2) Security Guards 209 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 212011 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm(2) Security Guards 5235 King Ave, 2nd Floor, Rosedale, Maryland 212371 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm(2) Security Guards 209 West Fayette Street, Baltimore, Maryland 212011 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 6am to 2pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 10am to 6pm(7) Security Guards - VA Medical Center, Perry Point, Maryland 210921 Security Guard posted at Truck Gate Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm1 Security Guard posted in building #361 Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm1 Security Guard posted in building #361 from 9am to 3pm then posted at Truck gate from 3pm to 5pm.1 Security Guard posted at Main Gate every day from 6am to 6pm to include Holidays (Rotate days offs with 1 other Security Guard)1 Security Guard posted at Main Gate every day 6pm to 6am to include Holidays (Rotate days offs with 1 other Security Guard)(20) Security Guards - VA Medical Center 10 North Greene Street, Baltimore, Maryland 212012 Security Guards posted in the Baltimore Hospital Lobby every day from 6am to 6pm to include Holidays (Rotate days off with 2 other Security Guards)2 Security Guards posted in Baltimore Lobby every day from 6pm to 6am to include Holidays (Rotate days offs with 2 other Security Guards)1 Security Guard posted at Entrance to Emergency Department every day from 6am to 6pm to include Holidays (Rotate days off with another Security Guard)1 Security Guard posted at Entrance to Emergency Department every day from 6pm to 6am to include Holidays (Rotate days off with another Security Guard)1 Security Guard posted at Bridge to University from every day from 6am to 6pm to include Holidays (Rotate days off with another Security Guard)1 Security Guard posted at Bridge to University every day from 6pm to 6am to include Holidays (Rotate days off with another Security Guard)1 Security Guard posted at Metro Garage Monday from 6am to 6pm to include Holidays (Rotate days off with another Security Guard)1 Security Guard posted at Metro Garage from every day from 6pm to 6am to include Holidays (Rotate days off with another Security Guard)(4) Security Guards - VA Medical Center 3900 Loch Raven Boulevard, Baltimore, Maryland 212181 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 7am to 3pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 8am to 4pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm1 Security Guard Monday through Friday from 12pm to 8pmContractor shall provide the services listed below: 4. Security Guard Services4.1 Contractor shall provide 43 unarmed security guards as indicated by location in paragraph 3.1 Guard Coverage Required.4.2 Emergency Call back / Alarm Response / Selected Weekends and Holidays: Upon request by the Clinic Administrator Officer (CAO) and approved by the COR, the contractor shall provide Security Guard Services for emergency call back ,on selected Saturdays, Sundays or holidays during the year, whether scheduled or unscheduled. These events can be holidays or other days designated by the COR. Emergency call back situations or alarm responses, on selected Saturdays, Sundays or holidays may require work after the normal work hours or an increase in personnel during normal work hours. In the event of an emergency, call back, notification will be given to the contractor at least 6 hours in advance. These services will be on an as needed basis at the hourly labor rate agreed to and specified in the Price Schedule.4.3 Contractor's personnel who are employed under this contract shall be approved by the COR or his/her designee prior to beginning duties. Approval shall be based on meeting the qualification standards in the contract, plus other background information obtained regarding the individual which attests to his/her fitness for the required duty. 4.4 Reserve Personnel (Back-up Staff) - Prior to commencement of work on this Contract, the Contractor is required to submit to the COR the names and all necessary documentation of fully trained and qualified personnel who will be used in a reserve capacity (e.g. to replace guards on scheduled or non-scheduled sick leave or vacation, to respond to emergency service, or similar situations), via email or fax for approval.5. Limitation on Man-hours to be provided by individual employees.5.1 No employee of the contractor shall provide more than twelve (12) hours of service in any twenty-four (24) hour period unless the work periods are separated by an eight (8) hour non-duty period ( service includes VA contract work and also any other employment). This limitation may be temporarily adjusted by the CO verbally in emergency situations which are beyond the control of the Contractor (i.e. weather conditions that prevent the next shift from getting to the building, civil disturbances, bombings, etc). A written confirmation of waiver must be obtained for each occurrence.6. SupervisionContractor shall provide access to supervisor level personnel during all authorized duty shifts. Each supervisor shall have a background with a minimum of two (2) years of successful experience in field supervision (civilian community law enforcement, military service law enforcement, or security, commercial or industrial guard service or security). 7. Minimum Qualifications Standards Security Guards7.1 Education/Experience. All employees assigned by the Contractor to work under this contract shall possess at least a high school education or equivalency, and shall have at least two (2) years of experience, acceptable to the Chief, Police Service, demonstrating: the ability to meet and deal with the general public; the ability to read, understand and apply printed rules, detailed orders, instructions, and training materials; the ability to maintain poise and self control under stress; the ability to construct and write clear, concise, accurate and detailed reports; and any type of military service which may be credited toward meeting these requirements.7.2 Age. All Contractor employees performing work under this contract shall be a minimum of (21) years of age.7.3 Felony convictions. Have no felony convictions and no convictions that reflect on the individual s reliability.7.4 In addition to the above Guards position shall posses training in dealing with hostile individual. This includes patients or visitors who may become assaultive. Guards must also respond and take reports, question witnesses obtaining all pertinent information for use in possible follow-up investigations. They are to be aware of the constitutional rights of all citizens.8. Health and Physical Fitness Requirements8.1 All employees assigned by the Contractor to work under this contract shall be physically able to perform all general patrol duties, functions, and activities; shall be free from any communicable disease; shall be well proportioned as to height and weight; shall be in good general health without physical defects or abnormalities which would interfere with the performance of these duties; shall possess binocular vision correctable to 20/30 (snellen); shall be free of color blindness, and be capable of hearing ordinary conversation at 15 feet with either ear without benefit of a hearing aid. 8.2 Each employee shall be given a physical examination without cost to the Government. 8.3 In addition, all Contractor employees providing services specified under this contract must undergo a psychological assessment. In addition, each employee must undergo a psychological assessment by a qualified psychiatrist without cost to the Government or the employee. This psychological assessment must be carried out in accordance with accepted professional standards by a physician or licensed practitioner authorized to conduct such examinations. For detailed policy see the Federal Personnel Manual, Chapter 339 Medical Qualification Determinations. The final psychological results will be provided in a memo on letterhead from the psychiatrist s office. The memo shall be furnished to the COR after contract award, at least five days prior to anticipate date of assignment. This form must receive the approval of the COR prior to assignment of the employee to duty. Security guard duties include personal encounters with patients, visitors, and other employees. Encounters are often with mentally ill, irrational or disturbed persons who, although assaultive or destructive, must be handled with understanding, full control of force, and unimpeded judgment. Any emotional or mental condition which could cause the applicant to be a hazard to others or self during stress situations and physical altercations will disqualify him/her.8.4 The employee shall be re examined annually, and the results shall be furnished to the COR and CO.8.5 All employees shall be literate in English to the extent of reading and understanding printed regulations, detailed written orders, training instructions and material, and shall be able to compose reports which convey complete information.8.6 Diseases: When individuals have established medical history or medical diagnosis of medical illness, the individual shall provide medical evidence that the condition can be controlled with proper medication so that the individual will not lapse into a coma or unconscious state while performing assigned guard services duties.8.7 Other Physical Requirements: An individual who has been incapacitated due to serious illness, injury, disease, or operation, which could interfere with the effective performance of assigned guard services duties shall, prior to resumption of such duties, provide medical evidence of recovery and ability to perform such duties.8.8 Individuals shall have no established medical history or medical diagnosis of habitual alcoholism or drug addiction.9. Lunch and Break Periods9.1 The Guards whose tour includes a non paid lunch period shall be relieved from duties during such period, normally not to exceed 30 minutes, by certified personnel and shall not be required to remain within close proximity of his/her duty station.9.2 The Guards normally may be granted a rest period not to exceed fifteen (15) minutes during each four (4) hours of continuous duty. Rest periods may not, under any circumstances, be continuations of the lunch period, and they may not be granted immediately after the beginning of the work-day or immediately prior to quitting time, nor may they be accumulated.10 Safety Services and Miscellaneous Services10.1 The Contractor shall provide safety services at VA Medical Center and all VA Outpatient Clinics as directed by the Clinic Administrative Officer (CAO) or Clinic Director (CD). Required services shall include:10.1.2 Provide monthly (live) testing of building Intrusion alarm, motion detector and panic/duress alarm system, and provide required documentation to CAO/CD and Chief of Police, or designated COR.10.1.3 Conduct safety orientation sessions for Outpatient Clinic (OPC) employees in accordance with requirements established by Chief of Police, and established policy procedures.10.1.4 Perform routine safety inspections of the VA buildings and grounds, and conduct accident investigations and document findings to Chief of Police, or designated COR.11 Additional Safety Duties11.1 Monitor all emergency exit signs daily, appropriately document findings, and inform CAO or COR of defective exit signs.11.2 Monitor temperature levels daily on refrigerated vending machines, and document findings.11.3 Maintain and monitor automobile registration for employees and volunteers.11.4 Assist in conducting fire and disaster drills as coordinated by the CAO.11.5 When the designated VA employee is not available, may accept sealed packages from delivery vendors and temporarily place in locked, security office, until next business day. Making entry into the Daily Operations Journal (DOJ) what time package was received, where placed and to whom package released.11.6 Monitor and inventory VA owned wheelchairs and other related equipment as directed by CAO or designee.12. General Definitions12.1 ODB Officer's Duty Book.12.2 RHA Regular Hours of Assignment. For this contract, the RHA varies with each site.12.3 SOIStandard Operating Instructions.13. Government Furnished Property 13.1 All non-disposable property furnished by the Government under this contract shall remain the property of the Government. Annually and upon termination of the contract, the Contractor shall conduct a joint inventory of all such property with the COR. Any property furnished by the Government to fulfill contracted requirements which is lost or damaged, resulting from improper use or negligence by the Contractor s employees, shall be repaired or replaced at the Contractor s expense, as directed by the COR.13.2 Equipment Inventory. An inventory of government-furnished equipment must be completed no later than 30 calendar days before start of contract, within 30 calendar days of the start of any option periods, and not later than 30 calendar days before the completion of the contract period (including option periods). The contract and the COR must jointly determine their findings on the inventory. In the event of a disagreement between the contractor and the COR on the working order and condition of equipment, the disagreement must be treated as a dispute under the contract clause entitled Disputes .13.3 Obtaining Replacement of Government-Furnished Equipment. The contractor must submit request for replacement of government-furnished equipment to the COR for processing. Such request must specify the reason for replacement request.14. Government Furnish Materials14.1 The government will daily assign government radios to the Security Guards at VA Maryland Health Care System at Baltimore, Annex, Metro West, and Perry Point sites if it warranted at the assigned location and post to be able to stay in radio contact with VA Police. At the conclusion of the Security Guard work shift the radios must be returned to VA Police Service.15. CONTRACTOR FURNISHED PROPERTY AND SUPPLIES15.1 The Contractor shall furnish and maintain in acceptable condition, at no cost to contract guard employees, all items of uniform and equipment necessary to perform work required by this contract, as discussed in this section.15.2 Radio Equipment. Radios, dual frequency, portable, handi-talkie, crystals, batteries, battery charger(s) and other related accessories.15.3 The Contractor shall, in accordance with applicable Federal regulations, obtain all permits for the operation of such radio equipment over Government identified frequencies. A copy of all such permits shall be delivered to the COR prior to the utilization of designated frequencies.15.4 Uniforms. Standard of appearance shall conform to those prescribed in VA Handbook 0730. Any disputes regarding application of the standard shall be referred to the COR. The uniform will be neat, clean, and well-pressed. 15.5 The color of the Contractor's guard force uniforms shall be a color in general use by large guard or police organizations. All employees performing under this contract shall wear the same color and style of uniform. 15.6 Appropriately lettered breast and cap badges, indicating the jurisdiction from which police authority is obtained, shall be worn as part of the uniform (providing such authority is grantable under state and local laws). Shoulder patches lettered to indicate the identity of the Contractor shall be worn on the shoulder of the uniform jacket and shirt. Identification name-tags shall be worn over the right breast shirt pocket. Guards shall wear the appropriate VA Picture ID Badge issued by their home station while on duty. No other identification of the Contractor or employee shall be worn or displayed on the uniform.15.7 Approved uniforms and related accessories, listed below, do not have to be new but must be in good condition:Shirt, long sleeve Shirt, short sleeve Trouser, all season weight Necktie, Clip-on or Breakaway Ball Cap for head cover Jacket, winter, patrol type Jacket, light weight Gloves (pair), color to match accessories Key strap w/flap Flashlight, 4 "D" Cell, metal Flashlight holder, snap away (D cell) Flashlight, Streamlight, Stinger (or similar) (Optional)Flashlight holder, Streamlight, Stinger (or similar) (Optional) Radio case Insignia, shoulder patch (each shirt and jacket) Whistle, thunder, w/chain attachment (metal) White (non supervisory) or Gold (supervisor) metal cap ornament Nameplate, 3 1/2" X 3/4", Black/Blue, 1/2", lettering on gold metal (initial and last name)15.7.1 Long sleeve shirts will be required beginning (OPTIONAL) and short sleeve beginning (OPTIONAL). When wearing the long sleeve shirt, the necktie will also be worn.15.7.2 The uniform shall only be worn when the officer is on official duty or when the officer is in transit between his/her place of residence and duty station.15.7.3 Shoes shall be low quarter or high topped, lace type, with police or plain toe and standard heel. The color of the shoe shall match the color of leather or nylon equipment accessories. Shoes will be of plain design, in good repair and shined to a luster.15.7.4 The color of uniform accessories and equipment shall be standard black and brown, as may be appropriate to match the uniform.15.7.5 Inclement weather clothing shall be required for those guards required to perform duties while exposed to cold, rain, and other inclement weather conditions. All inclement weather clothing must be identical in style and color for each guard.NOTE: NO GUARD MAY ENTER ON DUTY WITHOUT WEARING THE PROPER UNIFORM INCLUDING ACCESSORIES.15.7.6 Each guard on duty shall be equipped with supplementary equipment including, but not limited to, notebooks, pens, pencils, replacement flashlight batteries and bulbs, and traffic control safety apparel (reflective vests, gloves, traffic batons, etc.), as appropriate to operations. Guards shall not be permitted to provide themselves with any unauthorized supplemental or personals such as concealed or unconcealed firearms, knives, "come alongs", or other such non standard items.16. WORK SCHEDULING PROCEDURESThe Criteria for establish work schedules and requirements for contract relief period and for starting and stopping work are contained herein:16.1 Work schedules for supervisors and guards shall be prepared by the Contractor on separate schedules and posted in work areas, at least one week in advance, at four week intervals. (For continuity and familiarity with requirements, the Contractor should have individual post(s) manned by the same guard(s) on a normal weekly basis, not to exceed a total of 40 hours per week. Low turn over in personnel is also desirable. Changes to the schedules shall be posted in work areas in sufficient time prior to schedule change to assure that employees affected by a change in duty hours are properly notified.16.2 The removal or changing of guards from assigned post(s) must be approved by the CAO, COR or VA Police Chief or designee. (Unless an emergency situation exists).16.3 The duties of some guard posts may require that a guard not leave the post due to lack or relief guard. When this occurs, it will be specifically noted.16.4 All guards and supervisors shall be in proper uniform and ready to begin work promptly at the start of their shift. The Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that guards meet uniform and appearance standards before being logged in for duty. Those who fail will be rejected for duty until they comply and will not be permitted to log-in for pay until such time as the Supervisor deems them fit. All personnel shall remain on the job in full uniform until the end of their full tour of duty. Discrepancies will be noted in duty log and reported by Contractor Supervisor to VA Police Chief or designee. Repeated incidents may be considered cause for permanent removal from performance under this contract, if determined to be in the best interest of the Government by the VA Police Chief or designee and requested through the Contracting Officer.17. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS17.1 INITIAL START UP:A post award conference will be held at a time and place designated by the CO, to be attended by the Contractor, the Contractor's supervisor, the COR, the CO, and other officials designated by the CO. The conference agenda shall include, as a minimum:17.1.1 Performance Requirements17.1.2 Training Requirements and Schedules17.1.3 Certification of Personnel Qualifications17.1.4 Uniform and Accessory Requirements17.1.5 Government Furnished Property and Services17.1.6 Contractor Furnished Property and Services17.1.7 Quality Assurance17.1.8 The Contractor or his/her supervisor shall visit the outpatient clinic with contractor personnel before performance under the contract for the purpose of performance orientation and site/equipment operation orientation.17.2 TRAINING17.2.1 To be eligible to perform under this contract, each contract employee must meet the minimum training required by the contractor and given by the VA Police Service.17.2.2 Government-furnished training will be given to Contractor personnel during their normal duty hours. The training will include but limited to;Customer ServiceDisclosure of Misuse of Personal InformationSafe Guarding Personal Information VA RecordsProhibited Possessions - Alcohol, Weapons, DrugsManagement of Assaultive and Dangerous PatientsManagement of Disturbed BehaviorUnarmed DefenseBomb Threat Incident PlansStop & Question ProceduresParking RegulationsActive Threat Training 17.3 Contractor-Furnished Training PlanThe Contractor will provide to the VA Police Chief a recommended plan for training Guards and supervisors. The plan must list training and/or courses that will be required for employees and an approximate schedule for attendance. This plan will also include methods the Contractor will use to maintain continuity of contract guards and supervisors with a minimum turnover in personnel.17.3.1 The Contractor shall submit to the COR written certification that each contract employee has been trained in the subject areas outlined in Government furnished training prior to assignment under this contract.NOTE:For replacement or new employees, documentation of prior training must be submitted or the individual contract employee must complete the required training before being employed in support of this contract.17.3.2 All formal training required shall be administered (i.e., taught, presented) by persons who are certified as being qualified to instruct or teach the specific subjects or topics required. Certification to instruct the specific subject shall be in the form of a certificate issued by an accredited institution of learning (school, college, university, etc.), a governmental (Federal, State, County, etc.) educational certification body (agency, board, commission, etc.), or by documentation that the person instructing has sufficient experience in/with the subject to be able to instruct the subject in an authoritative, practical, and current manner.17.3.3 In addition to the 26 hours of formal training, the Contractor shall provide follow up orientation for each employee fourteen (14) days after their initial assignment to duty. This orientation may be accomplished while the guards are on duty. The Contractor shall certify to the COR as to the completion of the follow up orientation for each guard within 45 days following assignment to duty. The follow up orientation will include the following subjects and instructional time periods as well as other subjects as may be required:(1) General and specific orders for the facility (1 hour);(2) Policy and specific procedures for responding to emergency alarms, bomb threats, incendiary devices in the facility (1 hour);(3) Procedure for operation of the security systems within the facility (1 hour); (4) Procedure for and operation of the fire-fighting equipment within the facility (1hour);(5) Vehicle traffic and parking control (1 hour);(6) Procedure and responsibilities under the Occupant Emergency Plan (1 hour);Orientation (scheduled at the work site)Discuss the facility to include its function, importance and mission. Conduct tour of facility stressing physical security and fire prevention systems. Policy and procedures for response to emergency alarms, bomb threats, etc.Security Surveillance and Intrusion System(scheduled at the work site)View operation of the control system to include camera system, access control, and alarm monitoring equipment. Guard service shall become proficient in operating the equipment and recording and play back of surveillance tape system for an investigation.Fire Protection System (scheduled at the work site)Discuss operation and control of the Fire Protection System.Security and Law Enforcement (VA Handbook 0730)Overview of procedures for physical security, law enforcement, and training activities.38 CFR 1.218 - Security and law enforcement at VA facilities, and other appropriate laws.Discuss State and Federal laws and rules and regulations as they relate to the facility. Discuss steps taken to enforce laws and regulations.Completion of VA Security and LawEnforcement ReportsDevelop an understanding of the types and requirements of reports and forms. Conduct exercises in preparation of report forms.Handling disturbances, assaultive patients, disorderly conduct, etc Explain various conditions surrounding incidents of this type and appropriate response to each.Package examination, stop and question procedures, and investigative detention.Provide guard with rules governing these practices. Discuss when these procedures are appropriate.Police Authority and duties of a Security GuardDiscuss the law enforcement authority, jurisdiction and duties.Patrol MethodsExamine and instruct in various methods and skills employed in patrol of the facility.Facility entry and exit controlImportance of identification of personnel to physical security. Explanation of various means of controlling vehicle entry into facility.Search and SeizureLawful requirements for a search, stop and frisk, warrants.Basic Report WritingTechniques of reporting and recording information related to crimes and incidents, elements of good reports.GOVERNMENT FURNISHED FORMS FOR CONTRACTOR USEForms10-0072 Property Pass10-1433 VA Police Daily Operations Journal10-1433a Continuation Sheet10-4793 Visitor RegisterThe Contractor shall submit to the COR written certification of the follow up orientation.17.3.4 Annually Contractor shall submit report to CO and COR written certification that procedures have been reviewed. This certification must be signed by Contractor personnel to include all procedures reference in 17.2 Training.17.4 AUTHORITY AND JURISDICTION17.4.1 Except where precluded by local law or ordinance, the Contractor shall make and complete all arrangements with the appropriate officials in the city, county, parish, or the state in which the buildings are located.17.4.2 The Contractor shall have each employee certified a Maryland State Security Guard through the Maryland State Police.17.4.3 Certificates shall be carried by each employee on his/her person while on duty unless local or state law requires the Contractor to maintain the records.17.4.4 Copies of licenses and permits described herein shall be furnished to the COR upon request.17.4.5 The Contractor's employee shall maintain a valid state security officer's certification during the term of his/her employment under the contract.17.5 ON SITE SUPERVISION17.5.1 The Contractor shall provide the name(s), telephone number(s), and address(es) of the on site or in field supervisor, in writing, to the CO prior to performance under this contract. The term "on site supervisor" means a person designated in writing by the Contractor who has authority to act for the Contractor on a day to day basis at the work site or vicinity.17.5.2 The Contractor shall provide the level of supervision to ensure that employees are properly performing all duties as specified in accordance with contract.17.5.3 The on site or in field supervisor shall assure that guard(s):(1) Are in uniform and present a neat appearance.(2) Maintain a continued state of proper training.(3) Possess the necessary permits, authority, etc.(4) Maintain continued liaison with the COR or designated alternate.17.6 GUARD SERVICES17.6.1 Assignments may include but are not limited to the following:(1) Entrance Control Post. Operate and enforce a system of personnel identification. Perform package inspection when directed to do so.(2) Roving Patrol Posts. Conduct patrols in accordance with established routes and schedules.(3) Traffic Control. Direct traffic (vehicle and pedestrian), control parking, issue courtesy violation notices, etc., as prescribed.(4) Security and Fire Systems. Monitor and operate building fire alarm and intrusion detection systems and other protection devices or building equipment.(5) Building Rules and Regulations. Observe building occupants and visitors for compliance with posted rules and regulations.(6) Lost and Found. Receive, receipt for, and store found articles pending disposition, using VA Forms 10 3524 and 3524a.(7) Law and order. Maintain law and order within the areas of assignment.(8) Unauthorized Access. Discover and detain persons attempting to gain unauthorized access to the property.(9) Hazardous Conditions. Report daily in accordance with procedures in the Officer s Duty Book potentially hazardous conditions and items in need of repair, including inoperative lights, leaky faucets, toilet stoppages, broken or slippery floor surfaces, Etc. Notify responsible parties for correction as soon as possible and take action to prevent injury of patients or staff if applicable. (Use safety cones to block area and direct activity around the hazard, etc.)(10) Flying the United States Flag. Fly the United States flag (and other flags as authorized) as directed by MP 1, Part I, Chapter 8.(11) Injury or Illness. Obtain professional assistance in accordance with procedures in the officer s Duty Book in the event of injury of illness to Government employees, veterans, or others while in the building or on the grounds. Render First Aid and/or CPR in emergency situations and assist medical and law enforcement personnel as appropriate.(12) Additional Duties. Turn off unnecessary lights, check safes, lock type repositories, and cabinets, close windows, open and secure doors and gates, etc.(13) Reports and Records. Prepare required reports at the frequency indicated. Maintain necessary records. As necessary, turn reports and records in to designated official.(14) Civil Disturbances. Perform such other functions as may be necessary in the event of situations or occurrences such as civil disturbances, attempts to commit espionage, sabotage, or other criminal acts adversely affecting the security and/or safety of the Government, its employees, property, and the general public, lawfully in buildings or on the grounds under the control of the Government.(15) Emergencies. Respond to emergency situations and provide appropriate assistance. Immediately notify the COR, as appropriate, of action taken.17.5.2 Security and safety duties and level of performance as required by this contract fall within the Department of Labor (DOL) wage decision category of Security Guards.18.1 CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION18.1.1 Final Payments: Before final payment is made, the Contractor shall furnish the Contracting Officer with a release of all claims against the Government relating to this contract, other than claims in stated amounts that are specifically accepted by the Contractor from the release. If the Contractor s claim to amounts payable under the contract has been assigned under the Assignment of Claims Act of 1940, as amended (31 U.S.C. 3727, 41 U.S.C. 15) a release may also be required of the assignee.18.1.2 Deductions for Failure to Provide Equipment, Materials and Uniforms. In the event the Contractor fails to provide uniforms, services or equipment required, the Contracting Officer will make an equitable adjustment in the contract price for the period of deficient performance. In determining the amount of the adjustment, the Contracting Officer will use as a basis the amount it would cost the Government to obtain that which the Contractor failed to provide through rental, lease or purchase. Such adjustment will occur whether or not the Government does in fact supply the item(s). Since the Contractor s employee is not considered present for duty until the deficiency is corrected, no chargeable hours occur until corrected.18.1.3 Deficient Performance. The Contractor shall correct all deficiencies in equipment, uniforms, performance of duties or appearance standards within 24 hours after the COR identifies the deficiency. Repeat occurrences will require written response to the Contracting Officer by the Contractor. Individual guards may be disqualified for repeated deficient performance and must be replaced by the Contractor. Failure on the part of the Contractor to rectify deficiencies and prevent reoccurrence may be considered a breach of the contract; whereby termination of the contract can be executed. 18.1.4 Interruption of Work. In the event services are not required by the Government and a stop work order is issued by the Contracting Officer, due to events such as, but not limited to, building closure, extreme inclement weather, hazardous conditions or failure of the Congress to appropriate funds, etc., the Government will not be held responsible for payment for services not received. Any period of mandated non-performance will not necessarily extend the term of the contract. In the event services are not provided for portions of days, payment will be made based on quarter hour increments where the period of service is not provided in full hour periods. 19. SPECIAL CONTRACT REQUIREMENTS19.1 Recording Presence Each contract security person must sign-in when reporting for duty and sign-out when leaving at the end of the shift. A Record of Time of Arrival and Departure, or other approved sign-in/sign-out form or call log shall be utilized as specified by the COR. The sign-in and sign-out location will be designated by the COR who may accept recommendations offered by guard supervisors. Entries made for arrival and departure will be countersigned by an authorized representative of the Contractor. Changes/corrections in the log will also be initialed NO erasures or deletions.19. 2 Reporting Man-Hours Provided The Contractor shall submit to the VA Police Chief, attached to the invoice, a legible report or form documenting the hours worked by each productive contract employee during the previous month. This report shall be certified by the Contractor as to its accuracy. The Contractor s on-site supervisor may submit and certify the report as being accurate if the Contractor has provided written authorization to do so. The report will be used by the Government to verify compliance with the man-hour requirements of the contract and will be the basis for verification and approval for invoice payment. Hours will be verified by COR or designee.19.3 Standards of ConductThe Contractor shall be responsible and legally liable for employee performance and for maintaining satisfactory standards of employee competency, conduct, appearance, and integrity. The Contractor is also responsible for ensuring that employees do not disturb papers on desks, open desk drawers or cabinets, use Government telephones, or access computerized internet, software or network except as authorized. Each contract officer is expected to adhere to standards of behavior that reflect credit on themselves, their employer, and the Federal government. Disciplinary actions, including removal actions, shall be the responsibility of the Contractor. VA Police Chief and Contracting Officer are to be kept apprised of actions and situations.19.4 Removal from DutyThe Government may also require the Contractor to immediately remove any employee(s) from the work-site(s) should it be determined that individuals are being assigned to duty who have been disqualified for either suitability or security reasons, or who are found to be unfit for performing security duties during their tour(s) of duty. The Contractor shall comply and provide a replacement. Such a determination of unfitness may be made for, but not limited to, the following types of incidents of misconduct or delinquency: (1) Violations of VA Rules and Regulations Governing Security, Law Enforcement, and Standards of Conduct on Veterans Affairs Property, 38 CFR 1.218. (2) Dereliction of duty, including sleeping while on duty, unreasonable delays or failure to carry out assigned tasks, conducting personal affairs during official time, lack of or limited productive service and refusing to render assistance or cooperate in upholding the integrity of the security program at the work-site. (3) Falsification or unlawful concealment, removal, mutilation, or destruction of any official documents or records, or concealment of material facts by willful omissions from official documents or records. (4) Disorderly conduct, use of abusive or offensive language, quarreling, rude inappropriate comments, sexual harassment, intimidation by words or actions, or fighting. Also participation in disruptive activities which interfere with the normal and efficient operations of the government. (5) Theft, vandalism, immoral conduct, or any other criminal act. (6) Selling, consuming or being under the influence of intoxicants, drugs, or substances which produce similar effects. (7) Involvement in commercial activities at any time while on Government controlled property (included soliciting sale, donation, etc., from employees, patients, or others). (8) Improper use of official authority or credentials. (9) Unauthorized use of communications equipment or Government property (includes unauthorized or personal use of internet, long distance telephone services or government computer network). (10) Possession or Misuse of weapons(s). (11) Violation of security procedures or regulations.The COR, CO, in conjunction with VA Police Chief will make all determinations regarding the removal of a person(s) from the work site(s). In the event of a dispute, the Contracting Officer will make final determination. Specific reasons for removal of an employee(s) will be provided in writing to the Contractor.19.5 Control of Contract PersonnelThe Contractor shall have the sole responsibility and prerogative of selection, assignment, transfer, management, and control of contract staff in performance of this contract. The VA does not hire individuals to perform under this contract and shall not hold selection interviews of any kind. However, all guards the Contractor proposes to assign are subject to the approval of the VA Police Chief. The Contractor shall not employ any persons for work on this contract who are not fully qualified. Proof of qualifications shall be required in the form of resume (See Attachment C), references, credentials, certifications, etc., prior to being assigned to duties. If persons are identified to the Contractor by the Contracting Officer as a potential threat to the health, safety, security, general well-being, or operational mission of the VA and its population, they shall be immediately removed from performance and may face legal charges. Quality oversight shall be provided by the COR.20. POLICIES AND REGULATIONS20.1 As used throughout the following policies and regulations, any reference to "VA police" means "Contractor personnel."20.1.2 REGULATIONS(1) Disciplinary Control of Beneficiaries 38 CFR 17.66(2) Safeguarding Personal Information VA Records 38 CFR 1.575 1.584(3) Disclosure or Misuse of Information 38 CFR 0.735 15(4) Prohibited Possessions M 1, Pt. VII Chap. 9, Sec. 11(5) Patient Conduct M 1, Pt. I, Chap. 1, Sec. IV, Para. 1.26(6) Alcoholic Beverages M 1, Pt. I, Chap. 1, Para. 1.42(7) VA Provided Parking Space Policy MP 1, Pt. I, Chap. 3(8) Display of Flag MP 1, Pt. I, Chap. 8, Para. 1 3(9) Utilization of Abandoned & Forfeited G 2, MP 2, Chap. 1, Personal Property Para. V20.1.3 MANUALS(1) Security and Law Enforcement VAHB -0730, /1, /2 (2) Parking VHA Supp. MP 3, Chap.2, Para. 2.11 2.12(3) Key Control VHA Supp. MP 3, Para. 2.1720.1.4 ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS(1) Parking Permit Decals VHA IL 13 78 61(2) Preparation for Assaultive Behavior VHA IL 13 78 65(3) Management of Assaultive and VHA IL 11 78 34 Dangerous Patients(4) Bomb Threat Incident Plans VHA,VACO 20.1.5 VHA CIRCULAR(1) Prevention and Management of Disturbed Behavior VHA Circular 20.1.6 PROGRAM TRAINING UNITS(1) Chemical (OC) Irritant Projector Training Unit #3(2) Unarmed Defense and Offender Restraints Training Unit #4(3) Federal Crimes and Petty Offenses Training Unit #5(4) VA Hospital Response in Assaultive Patients Training Unit #7(5) Situational Law Enforcement Training Unit #8(6) Report Writing Training Unit #9(7) The Stop and Question Procedure Training Unit #10(8) Interview Techniques Training Unit #13(9) AIDS Information and Guidance Training Unit #15 Contact Information: Vanessa Jacobsvanessa.jacobs@va.gov Office Address :Department of Veterans Affairs;VAMC;10 N Greene St;Baltimore MD 21201 Location: Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System Set Aside: N/A

Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care SystemLocation

Address: Department of Veterans Affairs Health Care System

Country : United States

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