Class 4 Printing of Jobs Flat and/or Folded

From: Wisconsin(State)

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started - 01 Apr, 2023 (5 months ago)

Start Date

01 Apr, 2023 (5 months ago)
due - 31 Mar, 2024 (in 6 months)

Due Date

31 Mar, 2024 (in 6 months)




State of Wisconsin

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State of Wisconsin

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Title: Class 4 Printing of Jobs Flat and/or Folded Agency: ADMINISTRATION, DEPT OF Contract Number: 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-00 Start Date: 4/1/2023 End Date: 3/31/2024 Cooperative Purchase? Yes Mandatory Purchase? Yes PCard? No Piggyback? No Manager: Bill Goff, Phone: 608-266-1002 Fax: 608-267-0600 Procurement Authority: RFB 28393-WEG Contract Applicable To: State Agencies, Universities and Campuses Synopsis: This is a Statewide Mandatory Contract for the printing of flat and/or folded jobs. This includes printing on one or two sides by the sheet-fed lithographic process on coated or uncoated paper. This Contract includes normal finishing operations such as padding, folding, scoring, and drilling and excludes binding. LOTs A through H include quantities from 100 to 500,000; however, quantities over the maximum amount may be requested by the ordering agency, as agreed upon between the Contractor and an Authorized User. All Price Charts are based on the submission of electronic artwork
files by the ordering agency. The Contractor is responsible for providing all materials and services necessary for and incidental to the manufacture and delivery of printed products as ordered by the agencies, including insured shipping of the finished product, proofs, and the return of artwork and samples with invoices. 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-01 (La Crosse Graphics) 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-02 (Advertisers Press) 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-03 (Push Solutions) Please Note P-Card Usage Language: 4.8.2 Purchase Card The State has implemented a Purchasing Card program; however, all orders must begin from an official state purchase order. Most Agencies will continue to use purchase orders with this Contract, some may use the Purchasing Card method for payment; however, an order supplement with all job specification information will be provided. Bidders must complete the enclosed purchase card information form (DOA-3766) and submit with your bid. All venders are required to accept the State Purchasing Card system as a payment option; however, for orders less than or equal to $5,000 shall not have any surcharges for using the Purchasing Card. For orders over $5,000 and the Ordering Agency uses the Purchasing Card, the Contractor is allowed to apply a surcharge for using the Purchasing Card. Package labels and packing slips for purchasing card orders must indicate “Paid” or “Credit Card Order” or other language to identify that no payment is due. Additional Contract Numbers: 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-01 (La Crosse Graphics) Supplier ID: 0000018002 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-02 (Advertisers Press) Supplier ID: 0000014790 505ENT-M23-FLATFOLD-03 (Push Solutions) Supplier ID: 0000139796 Contract Vendor(s): Advertisers Press Inc-Middleton La Crosse Graphics Inc.-La Crosse PUSH Solutions- Documents: Ad Press FTP site Web Browser access instructions 3/21/2023 Advertisers Press Contract 3/21/2023 Class 4 FlatFold User Guide 3/21/2023 Class 4 Print Order 3/21/2023 La Crosse Graphics Contract 3/21/2023 LOT A Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT B Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT C Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT D Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT E Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT F Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT G Price Chart 3/21/2023 LOT H Price Chart 3/21/2023 Misc Operations Rates Price Chart 3/21/2023 Push Solutions Contract 3/21/2023 Vendor Information 3/21/2023

State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration P.O. Box 7867, Madison, WI 53707 USALocation

Address: State of Wisconsin, Department of Administration P.O. Box 7867, Madison, WI 53707 USA

Country : United StatesState : Wisconsin

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