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Bid Notification started - 25 Aug, 2017 (19 months ago) - Demolition and Removal Services

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25 Aug, 2017 (19 months ago)
Bid Notification due - 25 Aug, 2017 (19 months ago) - Demolition and Removal Services

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01 Sep, 2017 (19 months ago)
Bid Notification - Demolition and Removal Services

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Bid Notification
ITB-48400-RWPROPMGMT00049 - Demolition and Removal Services

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Bid Notification 48401-TRANSPORTATION-2, DEPARTMENT OF - Demolition and Removal Services

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Bid Notification Suite 1304, West Tower Atlanta, Georgia 30334 - Demolition and Removal Services


Suite 1304, West Tower Atlanta, Georgia 30334
From: Georgia(State)
This solicitation is open to firms who hold prequalification status for Right of Way Property Management Demolition and Removal Services issued by GDOT and who hold a current prequalification certificate.

Firms who have not been prequalified by GDOT should visit Once on the website select "Prequalification". On the Prequalification page select "Specialty Services" and the Right of Way tab to obtain the application, information and instructions. A bid response received by any firm that is not prequalified will not be considered for award for this solicitation.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) is seeking a PRE-QUALIFIED firm interested in providing Demolition of Improvements, Structures or Other Encumbrances in the Right of Way or Easement Areas. GDOT will select the lowest, responsive and responsible bidder based on analysis of bid prices received.
Bidders are responsible for checking this solicitation for any/all updates. It is the bidder’s responsibility to ensure that its bid(s) arrive on or before the specified time. No bids will be accepted after the time set for receipt.

CAUTION: A RESTRICTION OF COMMUNICATION IS IN EFFECT FOR THIS PROJECT. From the advertisement date of this solicitation until a successful respondent is selected and the selection is announced, respondents are not allowed to communicate about this solicitation or scope with any staff of GDOT, including the Commissioner, and Board Members, except for submission of questions as instructed in the ITB, or as provided by any existing work agreement(s). For violation of this provision, GDOT reserves the right to reject the submittal of the offending Respondent.


Country : United States

State : Georgia