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  • Cincinnati Southern Railway Board of Trustees Investment Advisor

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 06 Oct, 2023 (in 2 days)
    Posted : 1 month ago
    Started : 22 Aug, 2023 (1 month ago)

    :The CSR Board through the City of Cincinnati's Procurement Department is seeking an Investment Advisor to provide the advisory services contemplated in this RFP.

    From: Cincinnati (City)


    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 25 Oct, 2023 (in 20 days)
    Posted : 6 days ago
    Started : 27 Sep, 2023 (7 days ago)

    The Pool was established to provide the county and certain municipal corporations (Participants) a vehicle in which to invest capital funds, bond proceeds and cash not needed for immediate expenditure. The Pool is governed by the Clark County Finance Committee, which is established by RCW 36.48.070. The committee includes the Treasurer who serves as Chair, the Clark County Auditor as Secretary, and the Chair of the Clark County Council.

    From: Clark (County)

  • Investment Banking Services

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 24 Oct, 2023 (in 20 days)
    Posted : 6 days ago
    Started : 26 Sep, 2023 (7 days ago)

    The selected firm(s) will be responsible for providing recommendations regarding the overall finance plan, in consultation with the Agency’s financial advisor and bond counsel; preparing and reviewing documents in connection with financings; preparing strategies for presentations to rating agencies, credit enhancers, and investors, as necessary; marketing bonds; and developing any other financial strategies tailored to the Agency’s specific needs.

    From: Transportation Corridor Agencies (Transportation)

  • Investment Advisory Services for Investment Portfolio

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 30 Oct, 2023 (in 26 days)
    Posted : 2 days ago
    Started : 01 Oct, 2023 (2 days ago)

    The Investment Advisor shall act solely in a fiduciary capacity and shall not receive any fee or compensation based upon the purchase or sale of securities; but rather, the Investment Advisor will be compensated pursuant to the provisions of the contract. The Investment Advisor will not provide custodial services or security safekeeping.

    From: Rio Rancho (City)


    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 17 Oct, 2023 (in 13 days)
    Posted : 4 days ago
    Started : 28 Sep, 2023 (5 days ago)

    Services required include plan sponsor fiduciary services, plan sponsor investment advisory services including investment alternative evaluation, rating, and recommendation, legislative and regulatory updates that may impact Smart Savings, plan design consulting, vendor selection, fee benchmarking, fee equity and transparency guidance, and participant education. BID SUBMISSION: Vendor Bids must be submitted through PeriscopeS2G only.

    From: Maricopa (County)

  • Investment Management Services

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 13 Oct, 2023 (in 8 days)
    Posted : 1 month ago
    Started : 31 Aug, 2023 (1 month ago)

    Investment Management Services Project Description :The Purchaser is seeking Proposals from qualified and experienced companies to award up to two (2) Proponent(s) to provide investment management services for its endowed student bursary funds for The St. Clair College Foundation (a related party of The St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology).

    From: MerX (Federal)

  • Cultural Advisor for Black Offender

    Type : Bid Notification

    Due : 13 Oct, 2023 (in 8 days)
    Posted : 27 days ago
    Started : 05 Sep, 2023 (29 days ago)

    Cultural Advisor for Black Offender Project Description :The Cultural Advisor will provide Board members, as requested, information about the culture, experiences and traditions of the Black community through their participation at hearings. The Cultural Advisor may also be required to provide relevant information regarding the specific Black community to which the offender belongs or may return.

    From: MerX (Federal)

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